Cooling System Upgrades

Keeping your cool!

Most earthmoving equipment is engineered and built overseas in cooler climates than what we experience in Northern Australia. Exhaust emission standards also require increased operating temperatures in new machine diesel engines. It is hard to operate in extreme heat and high load conditions without stopping to allow your machine to cool down, costing valuable time and money everyday.  


Mobbtech has been working closely with machine operators in these conditions and understands the importance of keeping things cool to maximise productivity and machine life.  The load factor or duty cycle on a bulldozer when blade-ploughing or cutter-baring can be as much as 90%, much higher than these machines are engineered for.  


Mobbtech has found that relocating some key components of your cooling system and carrying out some upgrades can greatly reduce this issue.

Commonly, transmission and hydraulic coolers sit together at the radiator on earthmoving equipment.  Moving these coolers out of the way opens up the air flow through the radiator. Further, higher cooling capacity radiator assemblies can be installed in your machine to cope with higher loads and duty cycles.


Creating a higher air flow through the radiator allows the machine to work a lot harder and for a lot longer.  Another benefit to separating these key cooling system components is that it makes them easier to keep clean and allows easier access to the radiator to remove built up debris.